Our Team Effectiveness Approach

We help organisations to drive through change and deliver high performance by building trusted teams, that leverage complimentary skills and share a common purpose. We provide an ‘action learning’ environment enabling teams to learn together while moving forward with key decisions for their business

Diagnosis and Awareness
We create a safe environment for teams to openly review their performance and uncover opportunities for development and performance improvement
Culture for Change
We help teams to fast track trust and psychological safety, while laying essential foundations for highly effective: communications, decision making and execution
Mutual Accountability
We help teams create and commit to a uniting common purpose, with mutual accountability to business execution and each other
Corey Sanders
Strategic Account Manager at AWS
The Intuit team just emerged from a two day Fusion training a changed group. To a person, the feedback was that this training helped them understand themselves better in terms of hidden or under-acknowledged strengths and blind spots that could be holding them or their team back.
The training brought us much closer as a team, putting us on the path from the high performing working group that we are now to the A-team we all want to become.  The workshop provided us a mirror that reflected back the immense respect and admiration we have for one another.
Most powerful for me was the realization that I need to become more of a CEO for the team and provide them the leadership they are asking for.  We come out of this week’s training more committed to each other and our common purpose as a team. Thank you.
Brendan Fitzgerald
Regionals Sales Director at NetApp
Thanks Sundial for the support you provided our Region this year, especially in the Desert. We really appreciated your support and engagement!  The team spoke of you as being one of the key elements in the Desert’s success for this year!  No surprise, thank you!
Jessica Campbell
AuNZ HR Director at Google
Andy was referred to our leadership team with a strong brand and reputation of someone who was almost described as a bit of a legend and unicorn in the industry....someone who cut through, energized leaders, brought teams together in a short space of time, made an impact and brought deep insight into team development. All of these things proved to be true. Andy, in a short period of time you’ve become a trusted advisor to the team. Thank you for what you’ve helped us see, feel and experience. From your weekly blogs, selfless time spent providing advice and active participation in leading our strategy days you’ve been amazing. I look forward to continuing the relationship with you in Google and throughout my professional career.
Dan Peters
Director, Partnerships AuNZ at Google
In the spirit of 'fast feedback', just wanted to say how much I appreciated the sessions with our leadership team last week.  I've spent a lot of time in similar sessions over the years, as well as with personal coaches, but rarely have I come across someone willing to really call out the elephants in the room as you did. I'm sure you've been told this before - but it's a gift. You just seemed to be able to intuit the tension-points, and drive to outcomes. For that, I wanted to say, 'thank you'.  
Marco Pozzoni
Country Sales Director at NetApp
I would like to thank you, on behalf of the team, for our strategy & development workshop session. You are very inspirational and it was an extremely productive session building us an even stronger team.

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