As leaders, how do you help your people to manage personal risk and confidence in order to inspire change?

Our approach to fast tracking change

We help organisations to fast track change and maximise the effectiveness of their people during transformation. At Sundial Consulting we have developed a cascaded programatic approach to change, that leverages a proven model which helps people manage their confidence and personal risk. Two areas that are typically fundamental blocks for change to happen.

Leading Change
A proven process to help leadership teams inspire and manage change across their organisation.
Transition Model
An impactful methodology to help people fastback change and monitor their progress through the natural human stages of transition
Personal Development
A robust plan of development that is aligned to the change and which delivers positive impact to: the individual, the team and the business.
Alyssa Merwin
VP Sales Solutions at LinkedIn
Working with Sundial has been one of the most transformative and impactful experiences I’ve had as a leader. Andy has coached and developed me into a stronger and more dynamic leader and has helped me to do the same for my entire leadership team. Many of the leaders on my team have said that the work we’ve done with them has been the most important of their professional careers. Sundial are a game-changer. They can identify gaps instantly, create forums of trust and honesty, and unlock people’s true potential.

Our experts

Andy Kelly

CEO & Consultant
London & San Francisco

Helping leaders show up at their best to inspire confidence & fulfilment in their people

Steve Howe


My passion is helping people and organisations reach their potential

Lynne Welke

San Francisco

Taking the time to gain self awareness - a gift we can give ourselves and our people

Mike Tankard


Inspire people to realise their true value; stretch beyond the obvious & be different