The data we collect about you

What do we mean by ‘data’?

The list below provides an outline of the kind of information we might have in our records: –
• Your contact details including email address and telephone number
• Technical information such as your internet protocol (IP) address; the type of browser you are using to view our website; your computers time zone and location and the type of device you are looking at our website on (including its operating system and the technology that may be on it)

How we collect it

One of the ways we access data is directly from you via our Contact Us page.

There is also data, which is automatically collected. This applies to our website which picks up on things like the type of Internet browser you are using and which pages you have visited. You can find out more about this in our Cookie Policy.

Cookies are essential as these help make our website work as it should.

Your legal rights

We have included your legal rights here because they are an important part of our privacy policy. Below is a list of things you can ask us to do, under certain circumstances, with your data.

You can ask us to:

• Show you the information we have about you
• Correct it if necessary
• Delete or stop using it