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Andy Kelly

This video and blog post discusses building leadership confidence and vitally what it takes. It isn’t always an easy process and can certainly take you out of your comfort zone. For help with this we have another insightful post: Important skills for leaving your leadership comfort zone. (Will open in a new tab for your convenience). But the rewards are the fast tracking of you and your teams goals.

So, if you are ready to make that change you have come to the right place!

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We just finished the first phase of Project Ignite with LinkedIn, starting in San Francisco to then New York.

At Sundial Consulting, we have worked with some incredible teams who have taken some massive risks by putting themselves in a room, created a feeling of safety and trust with each other and basically removed masks that they have been wearing for most of their lives.

They started to talk about things that have been holding them back, things they are insecure about, many they have been holding onto. Resulting in stopping them feeling confident and taking risks. Probably holding them back from being as successful as they could.

After going through the process with Sundial Consulting, the result was that they feel better, lighter and more fulfilled. They have now built teams and infrastructures around them who understand them better and who basically can be there to support them and actually encourage them as they develop.

We help people talk about the difficult subjects, the root cause and more importantly a plan of development.

These teams are now super loyal and have built some relationships that will last a life time. It has been super effective, I am sure they are feeling a little bit sore but really excited.

Have a little think about how you could do that. Could you build a culture like LinkedIn where you are able to share things like that with your colleagues? Are you are able to build that infrastructure of support and encouragement which will make you feel a bit more fulfilled and a little bit more lighter and confident at work?

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