The Happiness Advantage in organizations

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Using the happiness advantage in organizations can help fast track change. Find out why finding your happiness is so necessary for higher performance at work. Then get some inspiration and the questions you need to be asking yourself, to improve your performance.

Being authentic is an important tool for a leader and it leads nicely into applying the happiness advantage. You may find this post useful : 5 Questions To Find Your Authentic Leadership. (This opens in a new tab for your convenience).

Using the happiness advantage in organizations – script

It turns out that science has proven right the conversation point that we have been having with teams over the last 10 years. It turns out that how you feel does effect your behavior and your performance, in terms of how your brain works.

The happiness advantage is science that proves that your brain is 30% higher performing when you feel happy rather than negative, neutral or stressed.

You think it would be simple don’t you, that we would all follow that logic, but we don’t! Many of us think that if you strive for success, that is what will make us happy. We try and get the bigger house, we get the house and then we want the next one. We get the new car and then we want the faster car. We get the new job and then we want to get the higher one. This doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness.

However, it turns out if you focus on things that will make you happy in your day to day life, it makes you feel better and makes your brain higher performing.

I looked at this science and reflected on myself. I have always been a glass half full person to the point where it is not just half full but there is a shot on the side. I live like it is my last day, to a fault actually, where it can get into trouble. I rarely planned enough. But actually, now I have started planning as I realize that if I planned it will make others better. I could do a better job for my customers, I can be a better father and a better husband. So I have started to plan as it makes me happy to help people.

I have also been inspired by my wife as she has started to record things that make her happy. She has started doing things in priority order to make her happy and she has started to think about how she can make others happy. We have had some loss recently and my wife has been using these happy thoughts to get her through this period of loss and it has really helped.

So, then I turn to business and look at teams I have been working with. Some of these teams have found a happy place, they celebrate success and love their customers and they rarely miss a quarter, the money speaks for itself and so do the numbers.

I also worked with a great team in LinkedIn South America and they have built the most amazing, compassionate and caring culture with trust, high performing teams, mutual accountability, personal development, ambition and again they have been hitting number year after year.

So, start to think about how you can start to prioritize happiness in your life. Start to do things in 3’s.

  • Think of 3 things you’re proud of each day, 3 good deeds you did each day where you helped somebody else to make them happier.
  • Also think about what 3 things you are going to do the next day that brings you joy, that sticks with your values and makes you feel happy and do this day after day and performance will follow!

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