The effects of team mutual accountability

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It is important to understand the effects of team mutual accountability and how team building in this way can help fast track change in organizations.

Many highly successful teams have a system of accountability. However, if you do not have mutual accountability you may be missing out on greater success. If you are unsure whether or how to move your winning team towards this change, this post may be useful to you: How To Inspire Change In A Winning Organization. (Opens in a new tab, for your convenience).

The effects of team mutual accountability – script

I have just met a sales team of individual contributors that have committed and delivered mutual accountability. This is a very rare commodity indeed. You rarely see a bunch of sales people that have built mutual accountability.

So, what is Mutual Accountability?

Let me explain to you using this sales team as an example:

  • They lose together, then win together and you feel it
  • These teams are committed to each other’s success, they have got each other’s back
  • Individuals know each other inside and out and build deep levels of loyalty
  • These teams help each other and surround the new people on board, take responsibility to mentor and coach them and take them through the systems, products and services
  • They sit in each other’s deal reviews and account planning sessions and at the end of the quarter the office is palpable with energy as they literally try and help people get deals over the line. Not just their own deals but their colleague’s deals also

It has built a level of confidence and swagger. This team have realised that this is their time. By now they have got an awesome product, a market place that is growing and they have fantastic clients that they are building relationships with.

They also see the opportunity around them and they have decided that if they work together the opportunity will be bigger and better. Richer for them and their customers.

So, think about your teams and think about what value you can get in your sales team of individual contributors. Think about if you can somehow get that magic ingredient of mutual accountability and what that can produce.

Good luck and I would love to hear your views on this subject by commenting below!


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