How to motivate your team to hit targets

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Andy Kelly

Do you always hit your targets? This team does! It is a great example to show you how to motivate your team to hit targets.

Meet Tunc (Guy in the leather jacket! Name pronounced Tunch) and his account team, who are leading the way in the Global Cloud industry.

His recipe is simple, but impactful. He is obsessed about his team and they are all obsessed about their customer.

Tunc is an amazing leader that we are proud to of worked with. He is extremely successful on a sustainable basis but breaks the stereotype of the classic sales person. He is ‘others centred’ not ‘self-centred’. He is far away from the ‘Lone wolf’ role definition depicted within the Challenger Sales model.

While working with this team it became abundantly clear that they were extremely loyal to each other, to their customer and to their leader.

We asked the team about their personal ambitions and what they wanted to be when they grow up. They unanimously said that they wanted to be the best that they possible can within their role, within this team, working for Tunc and this customer.

Tunc has an empathetic style and has prioritised his team’s development and his customer’s success. They have managed to build psychological safety and trust together, while creating a ‘meta memory’ of people’s skills, preferences and development objectives. Each member of the team feels a mutual accountability to each other’s development and the common purpose of their customer obsession.

The team have an extremely demanding customer and work in a very fast paced environment. They continually communicate and encourage full transparency across the team.

They are very successful, but they strive to be better. They always meet and exceed their customer’s demands, but they aspire to challenge their customer to think even bigger about how this partnership could help their customer grow and succeed.

If you are lucky, you will work in a team like this once or twice in your career and you will never forget the experience.

Are you obsessed about your people and your customer first and are you building high performing teams like this one?

Good luck and I would love to hear your views on this subject by commenting below!


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