Do you support each other within your team?

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Andy Kelly

Do you support each other within your team through change?

People that are under stress from change are typically 15% less effective and if left unsupported, their stress can lead to strain and poor health. To make matters worse, they often will not tell you and they may not feel able to ask for help.

Do you have an infrastructure set up within your teams to spot people with stress and offer them support when they need it?

Meet Corey and team. They are one of the most successful sales teams within the Cloud industry, which they have achieved through tireless customer obsession and delivery of solutions which have been worked back from their client’s business needs.

They live in an extremely fast paced organisation with many hundreds of products and services being released constantly to enable their customers to grow and win.

Not only are there new products to cope with, but also new people. This team of twelve have 50% of their team in brand new roles. When we are in a new role, we initially experience a feeling of shock or fight and flight. This slows us down and it seems harder for us to multi-task.

The only way that this team is able to continue to perform for their customer during such significant change and newness, is by creating an environment of psychological safety.

Within this environment the team are able to quickly build trust and feel free to share their experiences openly and ask for help or support.

By sharing this problem of shock and finding others like us in the similar situation, it makes us feel safer and supported. This in turn allows us to perform better and take more personal risk during change and high pressure.

This team have also realised that they need to celebrate their success more, remembering to enjoy the moment and to counteract the more stressful times ahead.

They have prioritized getting to know each other deeply, in terms of what people value, what they bring to the team and what they want with their career.

It is so hard to do this when we are all so busy, but the rewards are great and you will simply be more effective.

How can you better support each other within your team?




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