How do you deal with change?

Change is everywhere, and it is quickly becoming our only constant! However, only two thirds of change initiatives are successful. Why so?

Statistically, only 25% of people are naturally effective at change.  So why do the rest of us find it so hard? 

In our experience, it’s all about how people manage their levels of confidence in their competence. How sure are they that they can be successful in a new situation or when change has happened? How can they manage personal risk?

We recently had the privilege to work with AWS’s LATAM Solution Architect’s Leadership team.  During our time together, they agreed to dive deep into how they were coping with and managing change?

It shows courage and high performance teaming when people are willing to have a very open conversation about how they feel about change. This can be uncomfortable, yet extremely rewarding.

Through our experience at Sundial we can see the direct correlation between how people feel and how they behave, which leads on to how they perform. How you feel therefore effects how you perform. Yet many organizations fail to have this conversation with their people.

This team however, took time for each leader to understand and describe how confident they felt about their competence within their role? They have built a level of trust that enabled them to talk openly and share how they were all feeling about and coping with change.

Whether the change is: a promotion, a change in jobs, a new boss, a new team or even a relocation, it can feel a bit like a roller coaster! 

One of these leaders recently moved his entire family from one country to another, whilst also coping with the constant change within AWS. His passion for change and his willingness to take personal risk, enabled him to ride the roller coaster of change and to experiment with new behaviors.  

Being able to work with such open, positive and passionate leaders from South America was an absolute privilege and a joy.

Once you understand your levels of confidence within your competence and have a clear awareness of your areas for growth, you too can jump on the rollercoaster of change.

How prepared do you feel to cope with and embrace change?

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